Wednesday, November 28, 2012


A moment in time. 
a scent on a breeze

A photo is memory collected.
Revisiting a moment long gone like it is present again.
Here is my grandfather. Cap'n Colman.
That's Captain Irving Page Colman.  The shiny black hull to the right behind him is his boat. The Alice Elizabeth.  Grampa built her on his property in Scituate, Ma.  Here she is in the Scituate Boat Yard freshly painted and waiting for a spring launch.  He climbed up and down that ladder a million times and worked his arthritic knarly fingers in the cold March and April Massachusetts damp to get her ready. 
On this day he has company in his work.  I know because that is my brother Ross's  black TR3 behind him.  I am guessing this was taken the last early spring of my brother Ross's life in 1966.  He visited Grampa several times that spring, helped him get the boat ready and later sailed with Grampa in the waters off Scituate, MA. My last time spent with Ross was on this boat sailing with him and Grampa.
One picture and a thousand memories.  I can smell the salt air and feel the warmth of the wool pants and jacket Grampa is wearing.  He used to wrap me up in his wool p-coat when I'd get chilly onboard. 
One moment... a life... a shutter snap... a photo....



Toni said...

Love your writing so much, Anne...please never stop sharing your memories...they are presents from heaven, indeed!

Araignee said...

Lovely tribute! I never knew either grandfather so thanks for letting me share yours for a while.

Gail P said...

So very, very poignant! Beautifully expressed.