Saturday, February 16, 2013

Finishing Projects

Frequently projects accumulate in their project bags.  When this happens they become part of the overall household decor.  Hanging bags from every peg, doorknob, hook, and often shoulders.  
They produce varied emotions when come across.  Some I see and just groan. Others I actually say, "hurry up and finish this one so you can get back to that one..."
This weekend I am finishing the Pink Poodle yarn baby cocoon and cloche.  I have to get it into the mail on Monday am.  It has a long way to travel to Canada. 
It is a work in progress and an invention in progress.

I have the cocoon and the cloche completed.  I am busy knitting different types of flowers and leaves and stems to adorn it.  

The knit flowers were coming out better than the crochet.  I especially like the one on the hat.  

Arranging the flowers and stems is the next giant problem.  I can already tell I don't want to use those two little flowers.   The button box will eventually come out.  I need to decide on the type of button.  The vintage button box has just about everything. Rhinestones or Mother of Pearl ?  
Will update when it is completed.

My Shabby Chic jewelry box that I was working on a week ago is completed.

I love making these. This one is a music box too and it plays the theme to Love Story.  It is in my shop here

Recent yard sale treasures that followed me home.

I love shabby chic white linens.  These are so pretty. I don't want to part with them, but I must. WeeLambieVintage

Off to get some work done!



dianne said...

good job, on both projects. love the flowers on the knitting. the big one is special. do you knit adult size hats too? small adults.

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

Yes I knit adult hats

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

How adorable are the baby items with the flowers!! And your jewelry box came out gorgeous! I have been finding fixer-upper things at thrift stores and my debate now is...sell them as is, so someone else can fix them the way they want to, or try and do it myself!? You are an inspiration!!

Araignee said...

What a lucky baby to get that surprise package!