Saturday, February 9, 2013

Car Knitting

Nothing to do?  Take up car knitting.  Makes the traffic less of a problem.  Just don't knit and drive.

Working on the Poodle Pink baby Cocoon 

I bet you had snow to look at today.  We on the other hand.... here in Florida got to go to a great party at this beautiful backyard pool and hang out with the best Shepherd Mix pooch in Sarasota

Isn't that a nice pooch?

Wait I'm not done having fun yet.  First thing this morning we went to the most fabulous tag sale at a mobile home park here in Venice.   I shopped and Skip carried the boxes.  It was spectacular. I hated to leave.

Now that was a fun day.
I do miss snow.
~Anne ~


dianne said...

you only miss snow because you can't have it. how do you knit if you can't see?

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

I knit by feel like braille. Ha I can see close close up pretty good.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I am envious of your boxes of great finds!! I am also envious of your gorgeous weather! My sister lives in Odessa and says it is 75 everyday. The snow here is gorgeous in the sun though....

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

Our winter is like your summer. We can get out and go junking / thrifting / and the tag sales are amazing this time of year as the snowbirds come down and clean out family homes. In the summer I will be jealous of you when your going junking and I am huddled next to the AC unit.

Celtic Cat said...

I think we had 4 inches of snow the other night, here in Michigan. But yesterday for an Ice Show it was bright and sunny and fun to walk around, then go have a beer and a bite to eat.

Will have to think about the knitting.