Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Eggs

I love spring!
Modeling the cat's eye vintage aluminum eyewear I picked up at a yard sale this am.  Looking mighty dorky~ Cat's Eye Aluminum Eyewear here
Blocking Mya's Easter sweater in the sunshine. It's a Kina pattern here and I will make it again and again in much better yarn. That said I really do like this yarn Cuddle Muffin for how soft it is and how perfect for Florida it is. Cuddle Muffin
The bunnies and I had some fun stuffing eggs for tomorrows hunt.
Of course I haven't done one lick of real work today.  I should make the scalloped potato's for tomorrows dinner.  We'll see...
I have been having so much fun thinking about making a hooked rug and I found the most amazing inspiration by Susie Stephenson rug hooking with yarn and have been wondering if I should buy one of these beginner kits for rug hooking with wool ...
available here on Etsy Sharon Perry's Etsy  I am so tempted.

I will be burning the midnight oil trying to figure out this latest burning ambition to be a hooker.


Araignee said...

So sorry for fueling that fire. I love that kit and almost bought it myself.
Love those glasses. If I put them on I would look just like my grandmother, bless her soul. That's all I ever remember her wearing.
Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

You know I love the fire!
Your Gramma had great taste!

Debra Funkhouser said...

I would so wear those glasses!!

Celtic Cat said...

I love the glasses! They look good on you!