Saturday, March 23, 2013

Projects Completed

I finished the Shabby Chic shelf.  The white paint looked lonely so I added some color. At first I was going to glue some pretty paper onto the inside of the little cubbie holes, but I decided to use my favorite blue paint.
I am happy with the result.  All in all it was 3 coats of paint in most areas.  I distressed it with a really gritty sand paper here and there and then waxed with paste wax.  It is in my etsy shop ...Shabby Cottage Chic here
Yesterday when I was on the way to work I was lucky enough to have time to stop at a neighborhood rummage sale. 
I found so many great items. If course I love the chippy white paint on this corner shelf, but I also fell hard for some mushrooms.
When I was a new bride in 1972 my kitchen was all orange and brown and mushrooms were popping out all over the place.  Now it is vintage.
This collection of thread was begging to go home with me. 
I love community tag sales.

Since the white and blue shelf was last weeks finished project I think I will also show the last plate of corned beef and cabbage I will ever cook.
It looks so yummy, but the salt and the spices and the way we had to air out the house for 2 DAYS!!!!  Not doing this again. I will celebrate St. Patrick's Day with green beer next year.


Gail P said...

LOVE the paint on the shelves! They look fantastic!

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Oh! I saw a shelf like the little pierced one at a garage sale and didn't get it! Oh, the things we pass by. I had to laugh out loud about the corned beef and cabbage. I have never made it and never will...I just don't eat stuff like that! My husband loves it so this year my daughter invited us for St. Patty's dinner and it was delicious. I still will NEVER make it!

Araignee said...

Orange and brown kitchens bring back such fond memories as well as harvest gold and avocado green.

We love a good corned beef and cabbage around here but it does smell pretty bad while it's cooking, I have to admit. Daughter walked in and asked what had died.

Lovely work on the bric a brac!