Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Milk Glass Cataracts and Dentists

Yesterday it was the eye Dr's. I went to get information on cataract surgery. It is like going to buy a new car. There is the dream car you want (never wear glasses again), the mid price sedan with the comfy seats (just wear cheaters to read), and the economy car that still costs every cent you have and you wear glasses for the rest of your life.

You put your head in here and they shine strobe lights across your retinas.

This is blurry and out of focus. Pretty much how everything I look at looks with my glasses on.

I brought him along to be my ears while they threw large numbers and payment plans around like confetti at a party.

I closed my eyes and had a mild stroke during the talk about award winning All-Laser LASIK.  
I will get cataract surgery. I really don't want a payment plan no matter how cheerfully they tell me about it.  I will get the economy car.  I was so hoping to wait til I would have Medicare for some of this. Since my vision is like looking through milk glass the waiting is over.
I love milk glass and went a little overboard with it at tag sales in the last couple of months. I should have been saving for Lasik.

Milk Glass and Ironstone
Just thought I'd show it off since it is much better looking than the pictures from Center for Sight. here  

Today I took advantage of another afternoon off work and went to the dentist. A vast improvement on my vision quest. They gave me a tooth brush and the smallest little spindle of dental floss I have ever seen. A really sweet hygenist took pretty pictures of my teeth. 

She was super sweet and told me "it doesn't have to be this way..." not sure what she meant. I think she just felt sorry for me and was trying to be comforting since she also said, " you will need a blood transfusion after this."  Thank fully she didn't find anything new to tell my friendly dentist about. I was allowed to go home with some modicum of pride left.  I confided in her that dentists scare me and that was why it had been a year and a half since my last confession er cleaning.  I know that is horrible. I'm a nurse and we make crappy patients anyway.  That is my excuse.
My afternoons off are all used up now.  So there will be no more appointments for awhile. 

I promise I am never going to the gynecologist with my camera. I will spare you that. I never plan to go there again any way if I can help it.


Araignee said...

I just went through the same thing at the eye doctor with Daddio. My head is still swimming from all the complicated directions for the cataract surgery I have to schedule this week. We just had his pre-op and it's a go so I guess I better pick up that phone and make the appointment.

Gail P said...

Lambie - I'm right there with ya on the dentist thing. Don't. Like. It!
I'll be going to eye guy very soon, though. Don't mind that as much.

Celtic Cat said...

I will be seeing a doctor early April for the same eye test and decision.

Won't see the dentist until later in the year.

Hope the surgery goes well!