Sunday, May 11, 2014

Remembering Momma (babyhood through Alzheimers)

My Mother  B.C.A. 1912 ~ 2009
From the beginning of one century to the beginning of the New Millennium.  My dear mom. I miss you.
I want to ask you more questions. Life is so full of questions.
 The early 20th Century
 the adored first grandchild.


Her younger years.
Mom on left. Possibly my favorite picture of her. Enjoying the boys pipes with a girlfriend on an outing. 1930's

The middle years. Life as a wife, mother and artist. Caught between two worlds.

The War Years with First Son Ross and girlfriend Judy

Ross, Mom, Chip
Mom and Dad their 25th anniversary

B.C.Arnold the Artist
The years in Georgia. Her time to be her own person.

Mom's Georgia Mountain Cabin

Georgia years, watching us head out for a ride in the Smokies. Trackrock Cabins

Great Grandmother

Momma and Me
Her 90th Years... The Alzheimer Assault.
Age 90. Still Brilliant, Eager, Inquiring

Surrounded by the next generations and slightly confounded by it all.
The Years When Memory Escaped and Love Took Over
Ravaged by Alzheimer's age 96. Still Beautiful. 
The Gift to live a long and convoluted life. Guided by faith, Loved by family, Cherished in Memory. 
We Look Unto The Heavens. Our Strength and Salvation .
Beautiful and Young
The Breeze Soft On Her Skin.

Alzheimer's Stole You.
Love Kept You.
Remembering You. With Love and Tears.


Toni said...

Oh my, Lambie Anne, this is such a precious piece. Thank you for sharing the beauty, love, and memories of your dear mother. A lovely tribute for this special day!

dianne said...

I didn't even know your mom and I'm crying too. Happy Mother's Day Weee

Araignee said...

Breathtaking tribute.
Thanks also for the comment you left on my post today. It gave me a great deal of comfort.

Anonymous said...

Not a dry eye!! So moving - a beautiful tribute to your mom, Anne. Wishing you peace.....