Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Interview

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The company I work for is being taken over and today was the long awaited day to sit with the H.R. person and find out what my pay would be.  This is the health care field and I don't care where you stand by now we all must realize costs with Obama Care are going up. I was of course hoping against the tide for a bit more money. The proposal was for me to make an increase of 23 cents an hour.  I was telling the lovely H.R. person who seemed to be very excited to present me with this offer that it was unacceptable.  I was worth more.  I declined to sign it and it will go back with my impressive job description to be reconsidered. 
While this was playing out I was fiddling with my hair. A nervous habit of mine. Something very hard and sticky was in my hair. The H.R. person was watching me intently. 
We continued to chat while I picked the sharp stickiness out of my hair and tried to bring it to my pocket. The conversation had come to it's end and I shook H.R.'s hand and left. In the hallway I reached into my pocket and pulled out the lump. It was a bright yellow Lemon Ricola Cough Drop. It had been stuck in my hair all morning.  My grandson got into my cough drops this a.m. and must have deposited it there when he hugged me goodbye. 
Dear Universe,
The next time you send me out on a mission where I have to stand up for my rights please tell me first about the cough drop you have stuck to the side of my head. 
and here as promised a picture of me with my new glasses.

What have you been doing this week?
If I do get the 23 cents increase I will put it in here.

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My Mother always told me it says something in the bible about not letting ourselves be "puffed up". Don't feel self righteous or overly important. Least you find yourself with a hard sticky lump on your head at the worst possible time. This is Universal.


Araignee said...

Oh oh oh oh made me laugh so hard I'm having an asthma attack. Love the glasses. They look like mine!

Nathan Olver said...

Best post ever. The fact that you showed up with a cough drop in your head should ENTITLE you to $23 more per hour~~ <3

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

That is so funny and I hope you get 10 times the .23 for emotional pain and suffering! Love the glasses....I love getting new ones!

ThreeOldKeys said...

You made me wince and laugh at the same time ... it's a story well told!

To your grandson (and others) you're worth 23 million.

pat said...

This is not going to get old any time soon, Anne. Two of your funniest adventures back to back.
This is the third time I've read the post about the visit with the eye doctor and it's just as funny (and painful) as it was the first time.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Anne! How funny! It reminds me of that short story, "The Beau Catcher." A young girl with no confidence in her appearance buys a special bow to put in her hair to impress a boy from her class. She wears the bow & goes to a soda shop where she knows the boy she has a crush on will be in the afternoons after school. She spends the whole time talking to him & he takes an interest in her & they have the loveliest connection. She is thrilled & heads home happily afterwards. Along the way, she discovers her pretty bow on the ground on the sidewalk not far from the soda fountain. The boy had never seen it in her hair. The confidence it inspired in her was what won the boy over.....not the bow. Your confidence in yourself will hopefully win you a better raise....with no mind to the candy in your hair.... :)
Sweet new glasses, too!

Anne Pierce said...

Thanks Nathan,
Everyone... I did get a raise. Yeah!
Love the story about 'The Beau Catcher'

Eugenie MulberryWhisper said...

A wonderful morality tale. I had to laugh, but this is also very true. I hope you received more than the 23 cents' increase in the end of the day!