Saturday, January 14, 2012


I have admitted just how messy I am.  
the knitting needle drawer
I posted a picture of my really big mess on this blog:
I am either the messiest knitter or the only one foolish enough to brag about it.
I have tried to clean up by starting a vintage shop and cleaning out some of the stash.  
Things like this are going to be sold.
vintage thread and buttons are so hard to part with
Then I went out this am and stopped at Joann's for just a little something and came home with this:
what was I thinking?
I have no place to put it.  
;) anne


Jennifer said...

I just put my wooden spooled threads in a mason jar. They were from my mom's sewing box, and I just love looking at them. All my buttons went in jars, too. It doesn't make finding the perfect button easier, but they look tidier while they're sitting around.

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

I love the way things look in mason jars. Especially when the sun shines through them!

pamela w allen said...

you're not messy...just a bit tangled!:)