Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hypoallergenic Connection

When someone gives you a hand made gift there is a very special moment when your jaw just drops and time stops. 
My moment arrived in the mail around the time of my birthday.  Beautiful garnet earrings.  The brass wire is gracefully wrapped into hoops and somehow sparkling garnets are attached.  I am in awe of them. They are hypoallergenic so I can actually wear them.  I have very picky ears.

I don't like my neck but I love my earrings 
Look at all the detail 
My friend Charlotte made them for me for my birthday .  
This is her wearing a pair of my fingerless gloves with her babies her beautiful birds:
and here is a link to Charlottes wonderful store and all of her jewelry and stitch markers.
Thanks Bird Girl and I wish you all the best in your new store on Artfire......(pssst....artfire may even be a better site than Etsy...)


WithLoveFromMontana ~ Charlotte B. said...

You are too sweet, Anne! I'm so glad you like your earrings! Your photos are beautiful with a beautiful you showing them off, too! XOXO :)

Harpa J said...

They are very pretty! And happy Birthday!