Sunday, January 29, 2012

Home Snug as a Bug

Home snug as a bug
with my cold
and a mug
of tea...
Enjoying my nest
in the 
middle of my mess...
Vintage lace hankie
Wedding Hankie on it's way to a new bride.  I love wrapping for my Etsy shops.
Vintage Anacin Tin

I sold a vintage tin of Anacin to a person in Greece today.  It has been sitting in my medicine cabinet for years ( I love old stuff) and today it is wrapped in new clothes....
Anacin traveling to Greece
I had a boyfriend in Greece once maybe there is a connection, but he did NOT give me headaches! 
1948 Vintage Silk Brocade Wiggle Dress
I wonder where this sexy Vintage wiggle dress will end up...
Today I made my 100th Etsy Weelambieknits sale.  I am so happy to have reached that milestone.  Meanwhile my vintage shop is selling too and it is taking tons of time to just list and promote, but I love it.
you can visit my Vintage shop here:

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