Monday, January 2, 2012


Gifts.  Sometimes I find it hard to receive a gift.  They can make me feel like the shy wall flower that suddenly has the spot light gleaming off her face and sweaty dress at the Jr. H.S. Friday night dance.  
The other day in the mail I received a gift from a new friend. It was a delight.  I have made a lovely new friend through
Hand made jewelry for sensitive ears
These beautiful hand hammered copper and blue crystal earrings and adorably sweet little blue vintage crystal stitch markers came in a very special little brown box.
With Love from Montana Stitch Markers 
Charlotte  makes beautiful art! 
I love blue and copper together.  These earrings are hypoallergenic and so light and comfortable.
It has been a  wonderful Christmas Season and New Year. 
I find it is good to be able to receive well for that in itself is a gift.  
Thanks bird girl for my presents!

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WithLoveFromMontana ~ Charlotte B. said...

You are so so so very sweet, Anne, and such a dear friend! I never knew I'd make friends on Etsy, did you? It has been a joyous surprise! Thanks for being you!