Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dress Up

Tootsie came out of her hiding spot in the closet today to play dress up.  I have this vintage desinger dress in my Etsy shop that hasn't been getting noticed.  It was time for some new pictures.

Tootsie was eager to unzip the side zipper and squeeze into this hot number.  Then the real fun began.  Tootsie wanted to try different styles using jewelry.

She wasted no time getting into my bureau and grabbing the sliding tray full of jewels out so she could play with them on the bed.  The last time this dress was photographed it was with pearls.  Tootsie examined them, but dropped them fast in favor of a Boho look using some mismatched pieces from my Etsy Shop's stash.

Layering purple and pink beads wasn't enough for Tootsie.  She dug deeper and came up with this heavy silver and black pendant.

Not completely satisfied Tootsie tried a combination of white and silver beads with gold chains and layered a necklace of pink gemstones.


By now Tootsie was feeling a bit like having a relaxing time on the chaise lounge and  drinking a sloe gin fizz ...
 Tootsie's outfits and jewels can be purchased @ WeelambieVintage...


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Araignee said...

Playing dress up...what fun!