Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Trends Colors Seasons

Plenty of time and money are spent on advertising.
One of the prime movers is color.  It always gets your attention. Color is known to change moods, calm or excite.  Color reminds us of smells, of seasons, color seperates and unites us.
Etsy has been part of the trend to feature colors as ways to shop.  Tags often include the color for search engines.
The new fall trend colors have fancy names for colors that we all know and maybe will look at in a new way if the new name grabs us.
Pink Flambe' is one such name. It is marketing dripping in pink.
You tell me if you like it.  I have tried it on a vintage jewelry box I have upcycled.

Here are some other very pink and very pretty offerings on Etsy.

French Cat Beret - Wool Felted Pink Flambe Beret
Pink Flambe Cat Beret
See this Cat Beret in Amelie's Etsy Shop

This adorable girl's beret can be seen in Marina's Three Fish Shop on Etsy

If you need a smashing new purse how about this !
find this purse by Erin in her Etsy shop 1 Mad Woman

What ever you choose, the color, style, handmade or vintage you can find it all on Etsy

Enjoy your visit to Etsy. Be inspired by the talent that can be found there.

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TheInspiredTrader said...

What fun! I love the jewelry box!