Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Neglect

Two years ago a lovely patient of mine gave me a Christmas Cactus.  Let me explain.  I do not have a green thumb.  I try to keep plants alive.  Really the best thing I can do for them is ignore them. 
This cactus flourished when I first brought it home.  My cat Phoebe loved to sniff and taste it's leaves.  I had it in a copper pot that Mom used to keep her cactus in.  Over time it looked limp and cat worn.
Last spring I set it outside in a ceramic pot under the palm tree.
When it was dry out it shriveled.
When it was monsoon season it flooded.
Just before Christmas it blossomed. 
This is how she is looking today.

Neglected by me watched over by Mother Nature.




Araignee said...

That brings back memories. My mother had a green thumb and she had the most gorgeous Christmas cactus you have ever seen. They bloomed like clockwork every year. Of course I inherited them and promptly killed them all. My sister inherited her cockatiel and did the same thing so I didn't feel quite as bad as she did.

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

Poor cockatiel...poor sister. My Mom's cactus lived decades til I got it...hence the empty copper pot.