Sunday, January 20, 2013

Knitting for American Girl Dolls

Since adopting my 18" doll from Goodwill I have been hunting down American Girl size doll clothes patterns to knit.

These bell bottom jeans and white tank top came out a little big and still need blocking.  The only reason they are big is I used a light worsted instead of DK.
The top is here: link and the jeans are here: link Both are available free on  I love the seventies styling of the jeans designed by Cathy Bird.  

The jeans have eyelets and a ribbon tie at the waist.  They really flare on the bell bottom and I am tempted to embroider some flowers on them.  

These jeans came about when I ran out of yarn on this project...

I went online and ordered another skein of Caron medium country blue, but what I needed had I been paying attention was ' lt country blue # 9709'.  I found a skein of it today at Michael's.  So happy to be able to finish this wonderful sweater.  The pattern is really great I have made it before.  It is designed by
Janet Longaphie and you can find it here: link 

I think she will love her new cardi.

This is the reason that I ran out of yarn in the first place...Not pretty for adult knitters only.

I was a brat.  Well I was sick too.  I made a horrible cardigan and then proceeded to sew it together wrong.  I couldn't bear to pull apart the seams and  unravel it.  Hence the real frog pond for the last of that skein of Caron Lt Country Blue # 9709.
I know you're all horribly disappointed in me now.   I am sure I am the only one to ever give up totally and go to the pond.


Araignee said... least you didn't hack it up into a million pieces. I must have looked like Jack Nicholson in The Shining when I "frogged" (with scissors) my February Ladies Sweater.
My daughter had all the American Girl dolls once upon a time and I used to sew for them. I still have a kit to knit a sweater for them that never got made. I wonder what ever became of them? Hmmmm.....

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you like the pattern! Thanks for the lovely blog post, your doll looks great.
Cathy Bird

Gail P said...

So cute, Lambie! Makes me want to learn to knit (again).

Anne Arnold Pierce said...