Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kodak Moments and Moments

I am now friends with John in Central Texas.  He say's he is a beer connoisseur and would be happy to show me 1,300 alternatives to my usual Bud Light.  John works at the technical support company I use for my laptop.  We are good buddies after 2 hours of hooking up my new Kodak printer.  My bestie MaryJane said it would be "so simple to do".  Well I have my beer drinking buddies word that it was hard even when he set up his own Kodak printer at home.
Out of the box it looked possible.

Sleeker than my last printer and smaller...all good so far.

 I loaded the disc and started to follow the prompts.  I was full of confidence that this time I'd be able to install something solo.

Two hours later my wireless system was all cables and wires.  I never would have been able to set this up myself.  I did what any reasonable person would do.  I got the socks project bag out and started working with yarn and sticks.  John did a wonderful job of  sorting out the connections working through the back door of my laptop.  In the end he had the new printer purring and wireless.  I had socks on sticks.
I love technical support


Araignee said...

Oh my....I need a new printer and now I am scared to death. Maybe my old one can get me through another year after all. I hate upgrading anything technical. I always seem to lose more than I gain!

reveriefrance said...

I find when they say "simple", it is a curse! Perhaps I need a beer buddy too;)