Tuesday, January 1, 2013

'Goodwill' 2013

Goodwill Industries had a 50% off sale today.  While many would like to start off a new year with a clean slate I apparently wanted to start it off with a full shopping cart.
Nothing I love more than having a doll leap from the shelf into my buggy.
Except when it is more than one doll falling headlong into the buggy.  Along with enough milk glass to sink a small ship.
This big girl is an unmarked Patti Playpal type doll. She is seriously wonderful and has a handmade red cotton smocked dress to boot!.
AS always shopping was "so fun". I did have to inventory it all though.
These are the dolls I have found at thrift shops in the last ten days.  You can see I will be busy knitting them all something to wear.  I have one pretty little cardigan almost ready to block for the most naked one. 
I took down my Christmas tree and before I had returned from putting it away in the closet in it's box the new kids had taken over the Christmas tree's spot and lined up just waiting to see what will fall from my needles.
Happy New Year Baby!
and here is Leo getting to big for his crib and not in the mood for a nap!


Araignee said...

Those dolls sure bring back memories. Having 3 girls in the family meant we had tons of dolls. I sure wish we had kept one or two of them. I think I have my original Barbie around here somewhere. She had a flaming red beehive and too much eye makeup. Those were the days!

Jessamy said...

Glad to see someone else who makes a vintage haul when Goodwill has a sale. :-) Looks like that was lots of fun!

I found your blog through the WLV Team and I'm so glad I did! Looking forward to reading more of your entries.